V&A Waterfront With Lauriane

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I decided I had to have a new giant rock-bead so I could make a new necklace to take back to London, so I picked up Lauriane and we headed V&A-wards.

It was a spectacular day. We happened upon this happy lego-like man, made entirely out of Coca-Cola Crates. Apparently his name is Elliot and he's not a Coca-Cola Crate Man, but rather a Crate Fan for the World Cup.

Here's a close-up of Elliott. A similar version was done in Newtown in Jo'burg, and was made from 15,000 crates. A quick Google search doesn't bring up much about Elliott, but at least he has a nicer view.

It has been exceptionally windy in Cape Town over the last week. A few days ago I picked my mother up from work and while I waited, the car rocked from side to side as it was caught by gusts of wind (even though I was sheltered and parked next to a wall!) and people leaving the building were clinging to poles to stop themselves from being blown away.

Here you can see that while the sea looks rather calm, the South African flag has been whipped around itself and the V&A flag blows rather well in the wind.

We found some stones inside the Blue Shed Craft Market, but they were too small for my purposes.

Then we walked up to the Scratch Patch, and they had millions of beautiful stones but there weren't many with holes through them. I prefer to knot a cord through a hole in a stone, rather than glue a stone cap on (they tend to fall off eventually).

We gave up the search for stones and settled for Mugg&Bean instead. This is a Rocky Road Mocha - it's new(ish). Yum - hazelnut and vanilla with espresso, topped with foam, marshmallows and a sprinkling of chocolate.

And just in case the first photograph didn't leave you salivating, here's a close-up.

This is the food counterpart: potato skins filled with an array of interesting things. Guacamole and sour cream in one, savoury mince in another, macon and cheese in the last. Mm. This makes me feel like I need to run around the block a few times!

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