CAB Baking Shop

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Robyn found out about this amazing baking shop in Northumberland Avenue called CAB Foods and Baking so we went out and about on Saturday morning to discover its greatness.

There were hundreds of edible bits and pieces in containers in all sorts of sizes and shapes.

And they had a pick and mix where you could choose individual bits and pieces.

These are silver balls, only pearlised.

Mmm my favourite colour!

... and even better in a metallic mix! I would have bought these, only they were 4mm and I think that's too big.

Sugar confetti! I like these. The hearts are a bit "cheesy" but they had lots of different shapes - dinosaurs, hearts, stars, flowers...


Even sparkling butterflies!

And best of all: edible glitter.

After much deliberation, I bought the seafoam sparkles (above) and a very light purpley colour. I also got lime green food colouring - I haven't seen that before!

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