Starlings with the Operational Camomile Tea Girls

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I miss tea with Operation Camomile terribly. It was our once-weekly opportunity to gather around savoury muffins and treats with coffee or tea and gossip about the past week. And so, at my first available day, we gathered around the greatness of Starlings tea tables in Claremont.

The decor is still the same (very eclectic and pretty) and the tables are still inviting with their interesting bits and pieces on display.

Isn't it odd how a little bit of rose goes a long way? There's something so terribly indulgent about having real flowers on your table that have been put there specifically for your visual pleasure; and if you don't appreciate them, it's as if they were grown for no reason whatsoever. Either way, they're beautiful, and a welcomed addition to our tea table.

Starlings now has a beautiful outdoor seating area complete with sun umbrellas and bench cushions. We would have sat outside but it was far too windy and we'd have to protect our cups from flying bits of nature.

Here's Bekah looking highly amused that I was photographing absolutely everything around us.

Here's Rebecca, equally amused by my photograph-taking.

Here's my organic Orange Rooibos tea. It's yummy. I love this teapot, I desperately want one. You can buy them here for about R500 but that's way too expensive for a teapot. I especially like that this design has a special space in the lower compartment for a tealight candle to keep your tea warm.

This is my breakfast: brioche slices dipped in egg and topped with cinnamon, sugar and chopped pecan nuts, served with a side of syrup. I could only eat one of them - they were very filling! This is a winning dish.

Here's Bekah's breakfast: French toast with bacon and honey (if memory serves me correctly).

... Rebecca's spinach and feta muffin (served with butter and tomato chilli jam).

I'm very happy that we managed to get to Starlings, and I'm so pleased that it's still there after all this time!

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