Day One: Making the Cake, party boxes and the braai

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It wasn't long before we had to start making the birthday cake... and, as you can see above, everyone got involved. That's Emma, she's tasting everything to make sure it's OK for the big birthday bash.

Here's Robyn being very proactive and making the first layer of the cake.

And here's Alan photographing the cake-making with his fancy new camera.
Here's some bits and pieces:

And this is what butter icing looks like when you're mixing it:

Finally, apply icing to cake and what do you get...?

G caught me in the act of piping clouds onto the aeroplane cake.

And this was taken a million hours later after we had finished piping the rest of the design. Look how tired I am!

Here's a close-up. It has jet engines.
While we were baking, G was putting on the braai and we all helped out now and then to make party boxes.

Even Emma got involved!

Here we are: Dale, Daniel, Mom, Me and Emma. Making boxes. Dale was an absolute superstar: she was making boxes, blowing up balloons, looking after children and so much more. I don't think we could have made it through the weekend without her.

G was happy to get involved, as long as he had his Amstel. And yes, it is hot enough to walk around in shorts.

Daniel was very impressed with his Buzz Lightyear "watch" we brought back for him.

Dale finishing up with the party boxes. Wow!

Here's our first real braai; it's been a long time coming.

It was all very exciting. I've also discovered that Daniel puts on funny poses every time you point a camera at him.

G went to the shops especially to buy the largest fillet steak he could find. Ta-da! You don't get meat like that in London.

Here's the first little bit, all braai-d up and ready to snack on while the rest of the meat finishes cooking...

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