Breakfast at Caramello's with Graeme

Saturday, October 30, 2010

After taking my mother to work, we decided to stop off in Town for breakfast. We chose Caramello's by virtue of there being a parking space right outside the restaurant.

The thing I like about this restaurant is that they have a coffee plunger option. This was really the best coffee that I've had in a long time - I had the Medium, it was yum.

Here's G's enormous breakfast...

... and my white chocolate muffin. I was really looking forward to this - and, when I received it, I was terribly disappointed because it had been mis-labelled. So, in fact, it was an apple muffin.

The Caramello's interior is not terribly exciting, but it does retain a sort of farm-stall/food-boutique feel that is quite nice.

I particularly like their humorous food quotes that are set willy-nilly into the decor.

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