Braza with Dylan

Saturday, October 23, 2010

... and how could you visit Cape Town without dining at Braza? Impossible!

So we hopped into the car, while it was still light (amazing! leaving work before 7pm - unheard of) and headed off to Century City.

The light didn't last long :( We sat outside. It's still very pretty there.

It still looks the same inside. There was a live band playing, and every time they played the chorus of a song, the kitchen staff all picked up pots, pans, lids and metal spoons and banged them together in rhythm with the song! It was amazing - they marched around the restaurant like that, and the waiters all danced as well.

You can't really see, but there are the waiters doing a "Zorba the Greek" dance. And Dylan, walking back to the table.

Here's Dylan.

And here's Dylan's food - a Portuguese steak with a fried egg on top, chips and roasted vegetables.

Here's G.

Here's his food - Prawn Platter.

Uh-oh, how are we going to eat all of this?!

I had a prego steak roll with milo frito (fried pap), but it didn't look as impressive as the steak and prawns so I didn't photograph it.

Century City is still pretty! It was quite late when we left, can you tell? :D

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