Fat Cactus with Bekah and Sarah

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It feels as if it has been an awfully long time since we Fat Cactussed. We met up with Bekah and Sarah at the Park Road branch (in Town) and while we waited for them to arrive, G and I shared some chilli poppers, yum.

Yum! Everything is much the same, although the waitresses all wear cowboy hats now. Somehow, sombreros would have been more appropriate methinks.

They still have jugs of frozen margaritas - mm - and for you folks back home, you can see the size comparison. Now, a jug of frozen margarita costs £7 which is about the same price as a small glass from The Slug and Lettuce. Ho-hum.

New sauce: drop it like its hot!

They have a nice new sign - thank goodness, it's hidden half-way up the road and I never would have found it otherwise!

Sarah, and Bekah. Many margaritas!

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