Out and About on Saturday Morning

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Another Saturday, another bout of out-and-abouting in London Town! It's only four days until we leave for sunny South Africa so we've got a lot to prepare and get ready. Not to mention the fact that we're still desperately trying to find a flat before we go because our lease expires 10 days after we get back! And so...

Our adventures started in Liverpool Street where G had to find a travel cover for his golf clubs. He has a favourite golf shop here called Nevada Bob's - I love that name! This is a picture of the entrance to the station, from below. Such an interesting collection of architecture!

We sat down to have some coffee - can  you see how nice and sunny it is outside?

These are, I think, giant up-lights, but I'm not entirely sure. London is full of odd and interesting architectural contributions!

G went into WH Smith to buy something when I happened upon giant quality street chocolates! Look at that! Aaaaanyway. G found the perfect golf bag travel case and we went off to Oxford Street in search of a suit. We found one of those too, as well as an over-eager sales person who tried to sell us everything in the shop! We were strong, though, and left with a suit and a tie.

Next stop: Canary Wharf! Recognise these masts from an earlier post?

It's the ship I got so excited about the other day! It's actually a clipper which is not as old as it looks - the Stad Amsterdam was built in 2000, and is, as the designer says: "a modern extreme clipper in historical perspective". 

At this point, as I'm sure you can see, it started to POUR with rain, so we had to make a run for it!

The irony of English weather! Rain drops on sunglasses...

We took refuge in our favourite pub/restaurant - the Pepper - which is a kind of home-away-from-home. They have couches, board games, funny lamps and interesting interior decor.

There are lots of interesting bits and pieces all over the place...

This is us sitting on the couch watching the Ryder Cup - - that's the restuaranty bit over there.

Everything is so interesting! There's always so much to look at! (Like the china dog sitting on top of the speaker/light fixture on the far right of the picture).

The coffee table in front of us made a lovely backdrop for photographic purposes. This is some really interesting Fruit Infusion Tea that I bought as a souvenir from Whittard of Chelsea.

G bought this one as a humorous take on rooibos for his gran.

... another variation of the fruit infusion tea...

And this is something I bought for us! How interesting! Pear & Guava... what a delicious sounding taste combination. I love the novel idea of 'instant tea drink'. It works just like instant coffee - just mix in a few teaspoons of tea 'powder' with some water and sip with your pinky finger raised. Yay England!

Here's another one that really caught my eye - the pictures around the tins (boxes?) are rather pretty, so they'll definitely be kept after they're all used up.

.... it was 3 for 2, so I picked this as my freebie. Strawberry Hot Chocolate! Yum!

(we went to find a flat afterwards, not a bad location, I'll post pictures next. So tired now!)

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