Day Six: Banana Jamming

Sunday, October 17, 2010

On Wednesday we met up with Richard, Jared, Kerry, Lauriane, Lobke, Rebecca and Rebekah at Banana Jam.

It still looks the same! All Jamaican-y and full of palm trees.

This is the only real change - it's a new cocktail, a volcano. It's half strawberry daquiri, half pina colada, all swirled up! It's yumma.

Here's Richard, sipping on his Bahama Mama. And my volcano.

Jared and Kerry. Jared is working for a UK firm doing some really interesting travel writing and Kerry is planning on moving up to Durban next year July.

Lobke and Rebekah, the tea girls. Lobke is getting married in about 6 weeks! Rebekah is applying for her PhD.

Us! The self-portrait pose, it works.

Lobke and Rebecca. Rebecca is applying to do her PhD in South African Gothic Literature in Germany.

This is G's pizza. It's Jerk Mon pizza - bacon, chicken and feta.

This is my burger - that's half a camembert wheel, deep fried on top of the burger with rocket and sweet chilli sauce. Yum!

It was so much fun seeing everyone again, catching up and talking about important books and interesting ideas. I really miss that!

And then, on the way home, I discovered that I had caught a terrible 'flu.

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