Tea with Lauriane at Montebello

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I always feel that visiting Montebello is like visiting a little corner of Africa. Here's Kwalapa - it was a potential wedding venue, but I think it is over-priced (venue hire fee of R15,000 excluding food, staff and all the rest of the stuff).

There's a section in Montebello where people just sit and carve amazing statues and decorative objects. It looks so calming, so rustic. I imagine it is very trendy to shop here.

We sat in the Gardener's Cottage and ate tea and cake under the trees.

The cake looked perfect. I especially like the halved whispers (maltesers) on top of the edge - I'll use that when next I make a decadent chocolate cake!

You can't go wrong with Illy coffee!

Lauriane had carrot cake. It looked very, very sweet with all that icing (although my chocolate cake certainly took the cake, as they say).

Isn't it a lovely view from the coffee table?

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