And on Sundays, we Bake.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On Sunday, we baked.

Some oats, some flour...

Some butter ... some syrup...

Some icing sugar... some cocoa...

Add a bit of fun, and some messiness...

... and voila! Chocolate covered crunchies!

No baking magic is complete without a few stars.

... mm, delicious.

See how tired I am? That's because this all took place waaaaay before I am usually awake! We were done and dusted by 11.15: including the baking bits!

Then we went on to the chocolate-making. Here's a chunk of chocolate that was massive! I put my mobile next to it so you could get a size comparison. It's like a brick.

This is white chocolate ganache - which is essentially Lindt White Chocolate mixed with Cream. Yum!

How can you not dip your finger into that? We had to restrain ourselves :D

We made tiny little dark chocolate cases...

... and piped them full of deletable ganache.

We then did some amazing things with cake and chocolate-wrapping.

Which resulted in lemon drizzle cake wrapped in sheets of chocolate, covered in piped white chocolate ganache and topped with a filigree chocolate topper.

We used paper to wrap the chocolate and not plastic, so the chocolate collars weren't neat and straight. I like the wavy look though. Mmm. They were really delicious!

We then rolled out and coloured some plastic icing to test out the new Flower Press Punches I brought back from Lakeland.

Everyone had a go. Some were more interested in the icing than in the flowers, but it was all fun.

Punch, press, layer!

... and add edible glitter, for sparkle, and a silver ball for the middle bits. I improvised a leaf, too.

Just to give you an idea of the size comparison.

They dry up rather quickly, and then they're perfect to add to the top of cakes, cupcakes, biscuits or other edibles. So much nicer than buying ready-mades, methinks.

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