Scrumpy Jack's Drinking Competition

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

G's group of friends had been planning (for a while now) to take part in a drinking competition. The idea is this: Drink 4 litres of beer from an oversized beer mug, be merry, and get your name on the Beer Drinkers' wall.

And so, it began.

That's my little coke, and G's enormous 1l jug of Castle Lager.

Henry has a lot of facial hair now.

Dylan's lost a lot of weight. As you can see, the group has some new girls too.

... and they still play the same :)

G, after three beers. Me, after waiting for him to drink three litres. Tired!

... after four litres, Dylan won G a Zakumi doll out of one of those giant claw machines - and it was official merchandise (you can see how proud G is of his official merchandise sticker here).

Finally, after four and a half litres, we got to go home and G was the first one of his friends to reach "legendary" status by getting his name on the wall. Later we heard that Marc made 6.5 litres (after this three beers earlier in the day) and Henry made 4 litres, so they're like the three (drinking) musketeers now. The guys all went out together afterwards which ended up in Dylan very responsibly giving his keys up for someone else to drive; a challenge which Marc (not responsibly) took up! I can't believe it!

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