Lunch at Robyn's

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Despite G's "Old Wobbly", we got up bright and early on Sunday morning and headed to Hout Bay (again) for early lunch at Robyn's.

We'll start off with the food, because it was all phenomenal and deserves to be showcased!


While we were out shopping on Saturday, we got a 500g wheel of Camembert. Robyn dressed it with strawberries and figs, and then dripped over caramelised sugar.


The strawberries were an unusual addition, but they worked exceptionally well with the Camembert.

This was a delicious feta, pesto and rosa tomato salad. A winner!

Delicious coleslaw. There was a green salad as well, but I'll move on.

Braai-ed chicken kebabs with Greg's special sauce.

Strawberries are in season here, it's the best!

There were millions of meringues too! I don't like meringues, but these were so pretty...

... and decadent chocolate mousse. Best served mixed with vanilla ice-cream - yum!

Emma was really enjoying her dessert!

Koda also wanted some :D

After lunch we all went into the garden, and the boys played football or pass-the-ball while the girls all sat down like girls do. Play ball? No, thank you!

Much humour to be found in this picture: Daniel was insisting on being picked up to be a part of the football team. Beer, in hand.

Daniel's become rather good at this kicking thing.

Even footballers need their rest!

Back for more!

Here's Fred. He's no longer the demon dog he used to be! No more biting!

Here's Justin doing a head-stand. I was impressed!

Then Justin had a go at sitting in Dale's lap. Not particularly successful, methinks.

After all the exercise we went inside because Robyn was cooking up a storm. Or, baking, rather:

Cupcakes! Or cookies, as we call them here.

This is me adding the lime green food colouring (the one I mentioned earlier) to the icing.

Everyone had a go at perfecting piping techniques using the new disposable piping bags from London, and the  enormous caterer's piping nozzle from CAB.

Some were more involved than others!

The result: light lime green cupcakes swirled with sprinkles and glitter. Oooh.

They were very popular.

And they went down very well with tea. :)

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