Day Four: Da Vinci's

Thursday, October 14, 2010

As you can tell, we've more or less planned our first week in Cape Town according to certain foodstuffs. It can't be helped. So, on Monday, we borrowed Greg's car and went to pick up Alan for Da Vinci's - and catch-up!

Here's us, outside our Molteno Home.

Everything still looks the same. There are even the same cars still parked outside!

Inside looks more or less the same... there's a table now, and some new brown couches.

My beautiful statues are still there, keeping watch over everything.

Molly was very excited to see us (can you tell?), and Fred was there as well, but he wasn't feeling very photogenic.

This is what I missed most about Da Vinci's - they let you draw on the tables with crayons.

And they make a rather nice strawberry daquiri too!

It's so funny how some things never change! We could have been sitting here a year ago, doing exactly the same thing, and I think our pictures would be the same too...

Maybe not as fuzzy.

Proper chilli poppers! They don't really do these overseas, unless you go to a specialist Mexican restaurant.

Deep fried Camembert with Melba toast and Cranberry Jam.

My pizza was very interesting: pear, walnuts, roquefort and rocket on the one half with pineapple and chicken on the other. Yum!

G's pizza was far more 'standard' but it looked a lot nicer than mine. Avocado, bacon, feta and mushrooms.

And afterwards, "lean to your left".

It was a lovely night! It was the best way to feel like we were back home.

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