Day Two: Dinner with the Smits

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day Two: after much partyness we met up with G's mum, brother (Daniel), husband (Willem) and his two sons (Wian and Anru - not sure how you spell their names...) and we went to Grand West for dinner.

We were so tired! But the allure of Squire's steak was all too much. So, in we went.

Look how blue the skies are in Cape Town! Well, on Saturday, anyway. Doesn't it look like an oasis?

This is the first time in months that we have actually been able to wear sunglasses legitimately.

Squire's! At last! G has been looking forward to coming here for aaaages. It's in an artificial "city" with fake blue sky that is dotted with hundreds of tiny lights. Pretty!

This is the steak that has been the stuff of good-food-dreams. It's an almond, roquefort cheese and cranberry steak. Yum.

And here's Willem and Audrey. My batteries ran out after this (and I think everyone was very pleased!).

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