Mitchell's, the Waterfront

Saturday, October 23, 2010

 So after all that Limnossing (it's a new word), I went back to meet G and we set off to meet his friends at Mitchell's Pub and Brewery in the Waterfront. I was the designated driver.

The views around here are really very pleasant. Imagine this next to a highway in London!

Here's the "Cape Town Eye" at the entrance to the Waterfront.

It looks very similar to the London Eye, although not nearly as massive.

And then we were there! We had to stop and just look. It's been such a long time since we've seen the sea like this.

There's Table View, in the distance :)

Oh-so pretty. But, then we were late and we had to rush to Mitchell's.

Onwards, through the mall! (see, mountain. What did I tell you earlier?)

Richard and G, easing into the beer.

G, and David, on the other side.

Dylan, exceptionally sunburned and using the beer as an "aftersun" coolant.

That's the famous Mitchell's beer: The "Old Wobbly". It's 11% alcohol. They all had one.

No - he's not hugging his beer, his sunburn is just getting much worse! It was so bad that he eventually went off to find AfterSun.

G, David and Richard all ordered a massive plate of prawns (was the day's special dish) but they didn't look as nearly as nice as the ones from Braza, don't you think? Not that I'd know, hating seafood as I do, but it's an aesthetic opinion.

Here's us. It's dark.

Okay, after all the dinner was done and the drinks were still flowing freely, G decided it would be excellent fun to dare Dylan to put chilli sauce on his sunburned head for five minutes for a reward.

Maybe it was the Old Wobbly thinking, but he did it. Heaven knows why.

It looked really uncomfortable, but he was so proud of himself!

Counting down the last seconds and getting ready to wipe it off...

It was terrible and funny, both at once.

The reward? Dylan chose...

Dodge City ice-cream!

It was worth it. 

My camera doesn't take very good night photos. We ate our ice-creams next to the amphitheatre, watching the boats. 

Ah, the Waterfront. 

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