Day Two: the party

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We woke up verrrry early for Daniel's Fourth Birthday Party and we were up-and-at-em by 9am, ready to assemble the giantest jumping castle you have ever seen.

It just so happens that the biggest jumping castle was assembled next to the biggest palm tree, so you don't really get an idea of the perspective - but, take a look at the fully grown adults around the jumping castle to see what I mean. 

There were loads of delicious snacks to be had - assorted fruits and finger foods for the children...

Yummy cupcakes with glimmer balls and edible glitter...

And a whole assortment of sweets and chocolates!

The children really appreciated the variety. Here's Emma making a very careful choice about what to eat next.

The adults had their own delicious treats to nom on, including this amazing carrot cake from Robyn's kitchen (complete with delicious chunks of pineapple and nuts).

And this one is Robyn's famous cheesecake with black cherries in syrup. Yum!

I think the children had a really good time. That's Daniel's girlfriend, sitting opposite him at the table. Her name is also Emma.

Daniel's very happy to be the birthday boy.

Daniel blew out his four candles and everyone sang to him - first in English, and then in Xhosa. 

He insisted on cutting his own cake afterwards -- can you see the random triangle cut out of the cake on the far right of the picture? :D

There were lots of little people, all enjoying themselves. 

Look at how enormous the jumping castle is! Aaaand it's a giant castle with a dragon too!

Bounce, bounce. 

Everyone was having such a good time that we just had to try it out for ourselves. As you can probably tell, I'm in the jumping castle photographing Emma. 

Here's Dale having a bounce.

This is me, sitting at the top of the slide. And G, climbing up the ladder quite ominously. 

And I say "ominously" quite rightly too - - he pushed me down the slide! This is us having a big laugh at the bottom of the slide (I still had my camera in my hand).

Dale's about to go up, up and away with all those balloons!

Me and mom! Party cake!

We were watching Emma on the jumping castle - look how big she is! And then... G decided it would be a good idea to push me over onto the side of the jumping castle slide:

Funny guy. 

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