Day Three: Trips to Gordon's Bay And Muggins

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sunday - day three of steak. 

G arranged a braai with his father, all the way in Gordon's Bay. So we borrowed a car and headed northwards.

It was surprisingly cloudy and grey - it made us feel like we hadn't left London!

GB - Gordon's Bay, or Great Britain? :D The weather suggests the latter...

Despite the weather, everyone was very ready to braai!
Here's Daniel, very proud of his giant steaks.

And here's G's dad, Mark, and G watching over the meat. You can't see it from here, but it's raining. Yes, they are true South Africans!

G's gran decided to spoil us with cupcakes and strawberries.

Everything was very nice, but, do you know what the best thing was about visiting Gordon's Bay?


Isn't he beautiful?! It took him a while to remember who we were, but...

... he's still the same as ever! (I still have the bite marks to prove it).

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