Running out of days: Hout Bay

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I've been enormously bogged down with work and I'm exhausted so many apologies for not updating with photos. I've also lost count of the days, so I'll post the rest not in terms of days, but in terms of events. Starting with Hout Bay.

So, we went to the dentist on Friday. I was expecting to be bad, but it was all okay. They had booked me an hour, but I was in and out of the chair in fifteen minutes (with free toothpaste). Thereafter, we went to visit Robyn. She has a new black labrador, Koda:

She loves being photographed (you'll see her again later) and she looks like a miniature version of Robyn's other dog, Chase.

Hout Bay still looks the same :)

They still like to play the "African" card for all the tourists, but at least it makes the place rather pretty.

We went to fetch Justin from school (Llandudno, above).

It's so beautiful here - we seem to take for granted that this is our daily view of the world! It's only until you go to live in London that you realise that we really have to appreciate what we have here in Sunny SA!

This is us, Robyn, Me and Wendy (mom) waiting for Justin to get out of school. And then we went to Fish on the Rocks - the legendary Cape Town fish shop. I had KFC, of course.

Everything has gone rather footbally. Look at the new Rocks sign...

We went to eat our snacks in the harbour, isn't it lovely?

They were selling snoek at the harbour - yuck. But very popular nonetheless.

The view as you come down from Suikerbossie into Hout Bay. Mm!

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