A brief shopping sojourn

Saturday, October 23, 2010

After CAB (see last post) we headed out quickly to Century City to find Justin some clothes for his camp.

You really can see the mountain from just about anywhere in Cape Town!

I really like Century City's odd combination of old and new architecture and art in the shopping centre.

Here's Robyn in front of a small section of the food court. We're deciding where to have tea.

Limnos Bakery won!

Dale, in front of all the Limnos pinkery.

Robyn and me. I got such a surprise when I saw this photograph - we look very similar!

Dale and I had these amazing Iced Coffees - mainly ice-cream! Yum.

What an interesting sandwich! Dale ordered avocado and chicken and mayonnaise. You'd image that it would come all together on one piece, but nooo.

Robyn and I shared a beef, pickle, onion and mustard tramezzini. I realise that this whole photograph-the-food things is getting ridiculous so I'll end the post here.

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