Gratitude Journal, Day Twenty Three

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just seven days left to go of the daily entries on my Gratitude Journal. It has made an enormously positive impact to my thinking and my general state of being. Now, I'm noticing the small things that make all the difference to a bad mood: a hot cup of tea, especially when the cup stays hot long after you've finished the tea. Sunshine warming up the bricks after the hurricane has blown away all of the clouds. The smell of fresh croissants wafting in from the bakery on the corner. 

I've started looking for silver linings in dark clouds.

Silver lining: My overlocker is back. Fixed! 

Dark cloud: It was exactly what I thought was wrong: the loopers weren't in sync. I was so disappointed with the service; I had bought it from John Lewis because I wanted to know that someone would look after it if something went wrong, and lo! it didn't work when I got around to using it. They took it back after first making me phone half way around the country, but only under the agreement that they would fix it and not replace it. Then, they lost it, they jiggled it, they refused to return my calls. Weeks passed. Eventually, it was discovered somewhere in the recesses of JL. There was even a signed-for note stuck on the box indicating that it had been sent back some days before. Hurrumph. 

My experience with John Lewis was (really quite surprisingly) less than good, but the machine is back, and I zipped my way through a pile of hemming that was waiting patiently on my sewing table. It works. It's great. 

There is always a silver lining: you just have to look for it. It may be hiding, or very small, but it's there.

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  1. Yes you have had a stressful time of it. Staying positive makes life better. Because some things you just can't change!


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