Gratitude Journal, Day Eight

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Today I am grateful for my three closest friends. No, they're not mice. They're real, honest-to-goodness amazing friends.They're continents apart, each of them, but still we continue to stay in touch and share. You know those friends you can speak to after months of not speaking, and everything just falls back into place, as if it had only been a few minutes? These ladies are special.

They're all so different, too. 

I started going through some back editions of CrossStitcher magazine, looking for something to stitch while I sat on the couch for yet another frustrating "sick day" where I couldn't think or focus properly. These teeny tiny mice were ideal for a full-of-heart-but-no-need-to-think-properly-project.

I stitched up three in a soft cream felt. Each one is decorated with a different cross-stitched motif. A bright pink heart with orange outlines for Wendy. A green and mint heart with blue outlines for Lauriane. A simple rose with green leaves for Anne

Each mouse is filled with wadding and dried French Lavender. They aren't pests: they're quiet, they sit still, and they smell lovely.

They don't pee over everything and eat your precious Kidsilk Haze yarn which now needs to be thrown away.


Still, a positive thought makes up for the negative one, doesn't it? I think so. The real mice have been replaced with these lovely friendly felt ones, which shall soon be making their way across the oceans. New Zealand, South Korea, South Africa. It's a long way to travel for a little mouselet.

Are we really on day 8 of the gratitude journal? I can already feel that focusing on one big, positive thought per day has made an enormous difference to the way I approach each day, and the way I deal with (and process) things, just as it should. 22 days left.

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