Gratitude Journal, Day Seventeen

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Today I have a really small moment of thanks to share. Tomorrow, I'm attending a massive event that I helped organise for a client. With just a few hours to go, I'm so very grateful that all of my equipment, machinery and suppliers worked exactly the way they were supposed to.

The plotter cut, the thousands-of-flyers arrived in the nick of time, the designs came out brilliantly and the promotional materials are spot on. It could have all gone horribly wrong, but it didn't.

All of the preparations came together just fine. Any minor changes were accommodated and dealt with. There were late nights and grumpy moods, but we made it. Thank goodness.

In fact, I may even be on time for Knit & Natter tonight. 

Incidentally, the pic happens to be 8 long metres of custom-branded bunting to go around a booth at the exhibition. Made from scrapbook paper. Which took HOURS.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Today was the first day of the show and all of our hard work really paid off :)


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