Gratitude Journal, Day Sixteen

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

And then, all of a suddenly, it was Autumn.

Today, I had a quiet moment in the park as I walked home from the shop. I don't have to go through the park to get home - in fact, it's quite a bit quicker to skip it - but it's a walk I've come to love, even though the park is always full to capacity with children, lunching pensioners, parents pushing prams and uniformed kids pushing past you to get to the bus stop on either end of the pathways.

But, today, for a split second the park in front of me was empty of people, the noise was gone, and the traffic subsided. I stopped to take a quick picture and appreciate the falling leaves, the orange leafy carpet along the pathway, the sunshine bursting through the trees. And then, a car hooted, a bus honked and pushed past, and someone rushed past.

It's Autumn.

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  1. It did seem to come on suddenly this yr, even here! Thanks for the Pic.

  2. I used to feel like this when I worked in the centre of Hyde Park, the change on sounds and light as I walked further away from the hubbub of roads. Yes - Autumn has arrived, tantalising us with the light, and the late warmth. Lovely picture, with words and camera.


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