Gratitude Journal, Day Twenty

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The clocks went back today.

It's not an awful lot of extra time, but at the end of a long day where nothing goes to plan, an extra hour to just sit and enjoy is rather lovely. Of course, I used my extra hour for knitting. Doesn't everyone?

My positive thought is a calming and silent thanks for the extra hour of grounding, quietness and calm.

It's 9pm now but feels much later. There has been a lot of wind billowing about today - apparently we're getting a tiny bit of a hurricane that is passing by in the next few days. Trees are blowing over, shoppers are battling with trollies, the gates outside are making quite a noise. I'm grateful that our little home is in a secluded spot out of the wind, and I've got tomorrow (mostly) off work to catch up with everything.

Oh look at that, two positive thoughts today!

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  1. I'm never understood the reasoning for the changing of the clocks... I've heard it all and still doens't make sense to me. Ours change next week end. nice knitting. mine is stalled.

    1. Isn't it just the strangest thing? I don't understand it either. There were talks last year about permanently setting the clocks back in England so we wouldn't need any changes... but I think that's a decision that may take very many years to implement!


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