Gratitude Journal, Day Eleven

Friday, October 18, 2013

Today I appreciate buttons - and small things that make me exceptionally happy. I've got a good collection of buttons in all manner of varieties - antique buttons, ancient buttons, plastic buttons, wood buttons, coconut shell buttons, polymer buttons, glass buttons - and they add such a burst of personality to projects. It's the final finishing touch that makes it a Stacey-made-this thingamajig.

This is a little patchwork cushion cover made from a small pile of some of my favourite fabrics. I've appliqued a raised heart in the middle (it has extra wadding in the middle to make it poof) made from strips of lovely contrasting fabrics. I haven't yet decided what's going on the back - although linen takes my fancy.

The buttons are the finishing touch. I've got to go through and remove any errant threads, and then I plan to stitch them on using hot pink embroidery thread.

Because I can. It's the small things that matter.

This is for my lovely friend Anne. I'm sorry it didn't get to you in time for your birthday. xx

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  1. And it really is such a stacey-made-this.
    Loving your buttons and other small things today.


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