Gratitude Journal, Day Six

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Today, my heart is soaring with appreciation and thanks to Arden, who brought back the most exquisite silk embroidery threads from her holiday in Morocco ... and then shared them with me! Skeins of silk sea greens, sky blues, soft coffee creams and natural bark browns adorn my craft table.

They will likely be stitched into embroidered flowers - my favourite - but they have the potential to become anything. The silk stitching on mattresses for the Princess and the Pea. The tips of a butterfly's wings. The pollen-tipped stamens in the middle of a spring flower.

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  1. Oh those colors! That is the first thing I saw w your post and wondered what you were making! LOVELY!

    1. I know Carolyn, aren't they gorgeous? I'm saving them for something special. I rather love the idea of fairy tale stitching... watch this space! x


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