Gratitude Journal, Day Twelve.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

There's something really nice about receiving goodies in the post. The postman knocks once, twice and then hand-delivers a bubble-wrapped item. It's like your birthday - or perhaps Christmas? - a gift! It's even better when the goodies inside are fabric samples you ordered six weeks ago.

Today I am grateful for receiving my Spoonflower Samples. I ordered them ages ago and they're finally here! It takes ages for orders to arrive from America, although the wait is often worth it. I love that you can create custom fabric designs and have them printed and shipped in just a few weeks.

This collection is a single design featuring flower doodles that I've recoloured in five colours: chamomile, rose blush, lavender, thyme and sage. I'm really pleased with the colouring which took quite a while to get right, so I'll soon enable them for sale in my Spoonflower Shop.

Happy Saturday!

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