Light & Up: blocked

Monday, December 09, 2013

I've been knitting everywhere I go. On the train. In the car. While helping a friend move house. While waiting for dinner to cook in the oven. At the pub. And finally, My Light & Up shawl is off the needles and is blocking.

I don't have blocking wires to keep the edges nice and straight, but that's okay. Pins work well. I rather like the simplicity of the lace YO pattern, and the way that they're edged with a purl border. It creates a kind of twist between each hole, which is rather quite lovely close-up.

You block this shawl in a crescent shape. I couldn't resist sewing on the tassels while it hangs in place. Thank goodness this pattern only has three: I have about 20cm of yarn left over from the project (only one skein!) after making the tassels and sewing them all on.

And, because my fingers can't keep still, I've started on another bit of roving. I finished spinning the Jacob which was lovely, but really stinks. At first I loved the smell, but then I finished spinning it and washed it - lo! it smells like wet sheep in my house. This lovely grey/brown bundle is Blue Faced Leicester and is infinitely softer and more wonderful than the scratchy, hairy Jacob. 

I have the vague notion that I'm going to spin it really thin, then ply it with some beautiful taupe silk thread from Morocco. This might take a while.

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