Christmas Market Round-up

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Christmas market was great fun. There were loads of amazing stalls, and lots of great conversation. I caught up on a bit of knitting and before I knew it, the night was over and it was time to pack up and go home!

Here are some of the lovely things that were for sale in the market:

Amazing knitted mice, by Elizabeth's Mum.

Beautifully quilted goodies by WI member Janet. (Her quilting, by the by, is amazing).

Knitted fingerless gloves, also by Janet. Look at that yarn!

Applique templates from Julie at Kip & Fig.  Cats, bunnies, dragonflies, foxes...

Really beautiful printed tea towels and fine bone china mugs from Bee & Tea.

JAMS! Also Bee & Tea. I bought picalilli.

I was sorry that I didn't get further down the market stalls with my camera. Another shop, Cleo Cobb, really caught my eye too. They make beautiful handmade things for kids, with a strong educational and fun focus.

Okay, okay. Now here are some things that were on my stall.

My fabulous stitch marker sets. I spent hours choosing each bead combination and colour, which is why they're mostly all purples, blues and greens. 

(edit to add: thank you for your emails! Yes, I do take custom orders, and yes, I am happy to send these anywhere. If you want to purchase these or place a custom order, please email me at to arrange the details. I will upload them to my online shop next week, fingers crossed!)

I also handmade each individual gift box. TIME CONSUMING. Lovely to look at, though.

I also had individual stitch markers for sale (mostly larger ones which are statement pieces, or leader markers for knitting in the round). Lots of people bought these as necklace charms.

Handmade sweets, including Rosa's Rice Krispies Bixies, Vanilla Fudge and Apple Pie Toffees. More on that tomorrow, with THE BEST RECIPE EVER for toffees.

An assortment of washi tape in little drawers.

Pretty little heart decorations in little drawers. 

Giant ric rac, amazing for baby quilt borders.

Wooden bobbins wound with Baker's Twine. 

And lots of other lovely things besides: handmade gift tags, vintage buttons, pretty ribbons and embellishments, handmade buttons, gift tag pads. 

I was delighted that my huge carrier bag went home considerably lighter. 

And now, a cup of tea. Christmas market is done.

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