BEST Apple Toffees EVER

Thursday, December 05, 2013

I spent most of Saturday making home-made sweets and treats for the Christmas Market. I stirred and pulled and whisked and beat. I had an army of taste-testers to make sure everything was just fine.

I made Rosa's Rice Krispies Bixies, which is a treat that my mother and aunt used to have when they were little. It's a combination of butter, rice krispies and melted marshmallows.

I made fudge with added vanilla bean paste, which was mostly "tasted just to be sure". I forgot to grease the pan so some of it stuck, which was serendipitous really. If it hadn't, I surely would have packed it all up for market. 

But my favourite of all were these toffees. Best. Toffees. Ever.

They recipe comes from Heather Baird of Sprinklebakes, and she wrote it specifically for the Etsy blog (here). They're easy enough to make (I made a half quantity) and they can be cut and wrapped after an overnight rest. Easy peasy. You must make these.

And, yum.

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