Baked: Blueberry, Granadilla & White Chocolate Chip Muffins

Friday, July 29, 2016

Sometimes, all you need is a giant bowl of muffins. That's a thing, right? When life gives you blueberries, bake them.

I made these muffins using this recipe for basic muffins from BBC Good Food. I replaced the milk chocolate chips with white chocolate chips, the pulp and seeds of one passion fruit / granadilla, and a cup of fresh blueberries (first rolled in flour to stop them from sinking).

Isla helped decorate them with sugar nibs before we baked them.

This recipe is great. It's such a simple go-to recipe that is easily customised to what you have on-hand, or in the fridge. It's also extremely toddler-friendly and can be made in one bowl with a large wooden spoon for mess-free stirring.

Isla's idea of baking with blueberries is "one handful for me to eat while we bake, one blueberry for the muffin". Thank goodness I had a secret stash behind the mixing bowl that she didn't notice.

This is a great flavour combination but next time I'll leave out the granadilla seeds: they gave this batch an unexpected - but not unpleasant! - crunch which resulted in a game of muffin-bite roulette.

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