Baked: Teddybear's Quick-nic

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Our second Bake Box arrived through the post a few weeks ago and I was absolutely delighted that it included loads of goodies that I actually wanted to use. It was themed "bear necessities" or I suppose more aptly, "a teddybear's picnic" with a teddybear silicon cake mould, toadstool and owl cookie cutters, cherry cutters and a lattice pastry roller. Do I need any of these? No. Do I want to use them right now and produce millions of picnic snacks? Yes please!

We were invited to a friend's house for a playdate and tea, so Isla and I made a quick teddybear cake using the silicone cake mould included in the box. When I say quick, I really do mean it - a toddler's attention span is not best suited to intricately-decorated cakes. This bear looks a bit rough and ready but he was lovingly received and delicious to eat.

The recipe included with the box was super quick and we made it the afternoon before our playdate, leaving it to sit overnight. It was too much for the mould so it spilled over during baking, and needed neatening up before demoulding. The next morning we spent half an hour decorating it using a quick buttercream in "light chocolate" and "more chocolate" flavours. We used buttons for eyes and a nose, and giant red peanut M&Ms for his bowtie.

The end result was an instant hit with Isla who insisted on pointing at the cake and chanting ted-dee, ted-dee. If you ask her what a teddy does, she responds by giving herself an enormous hug and saying awwwww. This girl.

I really like this mould and will definitely use it again, ideally spending more time on the decorating so the poor bear doesn't look so frazzled. The recipe was good too, and tasted better the next day after cutting.

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