Jellyfishing! Crochet jellyfish bath toys

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another pinterest-inspired project: crocheted jellyfish. #love

I'm really happy with this one.

There are swirls and twirls and loop-de-loops of yarn loveliness.

The free crochet jellyfish pattern is from One Dog Woof, and is worked in amigurumi rounds quite quickly. The tentacles take longest of all but they're very portable and I was making them in the car, in the doctor's waiting room, while the kids were sleeping...

The original pattern was designed to be a bathroom accessory for kids, with the cotton tentacles making an  ideal hand-drying towel. I used the rest of my Drops Love You 5 cotton yarn for this project; it is ideal for facecloths, scrubbies, and just about anything that needs to withstand the rough handling of an enthusiastic two-year-old.

I made some small adjustments to the original pattern: I made 9 tentacles for each jellyfish, doing lots of twists and turns along a very long chain (70 stitches for most of them, with some 60 and some 80 and 90 for the longest ones), I changed the colours a little, and replaced the polyfill stuffing with a sponge that I cut down to the right size so that it can be used in the bath too.

I particularly love the jellyfish faces which make me chuckle every time I see them hanging up in our bathroom.

I'm enjoying all of these mini craft projects because they're so portable, and that means that even though the family and the house is whirlwinding around me, I'm able to do a tiny little bit of making time for me.

And making for me means making for us, which Isla adores because let's face it ... there's not much going on here that she doesn't lay claim to. Sweet girl.

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