Handmade Christmas Monogram Ornaments

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I'm really pleased with how these little gift ornaments turned out. I have a huge stash of wooden discs, cut from large branches (!), that can be made into all sorts of wonderful things. You can make them yourself from found branches I'm sure, but I don't have the space for tools (other than my trusty dremel of course!) so I buy them online from this Etsy shop.

In the past, I've made these discs into buttons which are truly amazing showstopper accessories. This time, though, they were destined for a bit of festive glitter.

I used simple letter stickers to mark off the letter I wanted to show off, and then painted over it with the most amazing and magical stuff I've ever come across; Extreme Glitter Paint. Basically, it's colourful mod podge that has been absolutely saturated with ridiculously fine glitter. You paint it on in layers and it gets unreasonably sparkly. 

Then add some more.

The stickers didn't do a very good job as the Extreme Glitter paint leaked easily under the edges. I used the remaining outlines as a guideline to carve out the letters using a combination of a fine knife and lino cutter. It was a very quick job, and the results are great. It was very easy to lift the excess paint.

Add a quick hole to the top, thread some silver thread and add a bow. Done! The whole process takes about 20 minutes including drying time, or about five minutes per disc if you do them in a production line and don't have to factor in drying time. 

It's all about the glitter.

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