Christmas is here!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

I can hardly believe that it is December. Mid-December. Just five-more-sleeps-until-Christmas-December. Where has the year gone?! It's all very sudden. Work has been very demanding in the last six months, taking over from sensible (read: craft) activities and any kind of artistic expression. Have you noticed that this blog has been much neglected? I have. *embarrassed*.

Still. Here we are. It is the end of the year, Christmas is upon us, and everything is looking festive indeed.

There was even snow.

Snow! In early December!

Still, despite it being Christmas all-of-a-suddenly, we're quite prepared.

This is our second year of having our very own Christmas tree and the decorations are slowly accumulating. The tree is up, Isla has a generously-filled Santa Sack of goodies, and there's a stocking hanging up on the book shelf. It's all very festive.

This year, I've even made a Christmas wreath. Who knew that there were such crafty activities saved for this time of year?! It's all very new and exciting for me. Hand-stitched felt holly, clusters of cinnamon sticks, mini toadstools. Of course. Thank you, Pinterest. 

I'm so looking forward to the few days off between Christmas and New Year. I plan to do a lot of hand-carding, spinning and knitting. I'm hoping to head off to see the Christmas lights in Carnaby Street, and Winter Wonderland. And most of all, I'm looking forward to not doing even a drop of work for almost an entire week. Lush.

5 more sleeps :)

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