Christmas Knits Roundup

Monday, December 21, 2015

I was determined to make many of our gifts for giving this Christmas. There have been gingerbread men, hot chocolate pots and handmade ornaments. And, just a handful of Christmas Knits. Here's a quick roundup:

Giant Pom Pom Hat for Amelia (Raveled Here)

Amelia, Isla's very best friend from nursery, loves pom poms. Like, loves pom poms. So, she gets a giant pom pom hat. This yarn is an amazing colour; I can't for the life of me find the ball band but I know it is an Elle brand yarn I bought in South Africa. 

The pattern is a tried-and-tested favourite of mine (Classic Cuffed Hat from Purl Soho) with a minor adaptation to replace the cuff with ear flaps. I then finished it off with a chunky crochet edging, plaited strings and three giant pom poms. 

Hat for Jack (Raveled Here)

I particularly love this hat. It's a chunky knit that works up really quickly, and left plenty of yarn over for making up a matching gift for Jack's twin sister.

Again, back to the Purl Soho from one of their fantastic patterns: this time, it was Super Soft Merino Hats for Everyone. I tried out a new yarn - The Women's Institute Soft and Chunky which is a 30% acrylic 70% merino blend. Should be wonderfully warm and easy to wash.

Flower Girl Purse for Annabelle (Ravelled here)

This was a really quick and fun crochet project, made for Annabelle, Jack's twin. I use the leftover yarn from his hat to make a matching purse that would be perfect for carrying around little sweets, clips, stones or other treasures a two year old might find.

I used this pattern to make the flower and added a leaf and crocheted flower centre to make it stand out a bit. Very cute. Isla was impressed with this one.

Mittens for Isla (Raveled here)

... because I can't really knit up a selection of gifts and neglect little Isla can I?

I used the last little bit of my very favourite yarn to make these mittens using the Another Pair of Mittens pattern. I joined them together with a knitted i-cord because I'm certain that these would soon part ways if they were loose.

She was impressed. After trying on, they got wrapped and put under the tree. Isla loves opening up presents so I've wrapped up a few silly things - not least of all these essential-for-winter mittens that she's already seen. There are fruit sweets, dummies, biscuits...

After all, it's all about the unwrapping, isn't it?

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