A particularly delicious Christmas Craft: Hot Chocolate Jars

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Everyone loves hot chocolate, right? Right. 

Especially at winter, brr. 
And in Autumn. 
And in Spring. 
And, well, let's be honest, just about any time of year. 

And what could be better than an enormous jar of your favourite hot chocolate, topped with chocolate chips and eeny weeny mini marshmallows? 

I made these as stocking fillers for the children in our family for Christmas Day. Glass jars are best because they show off the layers and make this really mouth-watering. Yum. 

I filled each jar about half way with hot chocolate (I bought an enormous tub from the shops, but you could make your own using a recipe like this one if you're feeling energetic). I then mixed milk and white chocolate chips and layered on a cup of each, and finally topped the entire mix with as many mini marshmallows as could fit into the jar. 

Tie with appropriately-themed gingham and et voila

All you need to do now is mix it all up, and add 3 - 4 tablespoons of the mix into a cup of warm milk and stir. 

Fastest, easiest and most delicious festive make ever

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