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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I've entered this week's Spoonflower design competition.

We were given the blue-print of the Riviera Tee for Storey Publishing's new book. The theme was "underwater," and we had to colour the design in using our favourite underwater designs. I just so happened to be working on an underwater design at the time - it was fate.

The design is printed on fabric, so you can just cut the tee out and sew it up. Ta da!

If I was a little girl again, I'd love this tee. In fact, I'd totally wear it now if it printed big enough.

There's a lot going on in this design, which gives little girls plenty to keep them occupied as they hunt for the flying fish, or the puffer fish - or even the hermit crab.

One Spoonflower designer left me a comment that made me grin from ear to ear:

"All of these cute sea-creatures are having so much fun that your adorable design seems to beam a message of light-hearted happiness!"

Ha! And so, the appeal: please vote for me. There are two days left to get voting here:

If you click over on the right "Vote for your favourites" you'll be taken to the competition page. The instructions are at the top.

With love, thanks, and light-hearted happiness.

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