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Sunday, December 23, 2012

I've been spoilt.

Miriam invited me to make Gingerbread Houses with her.

There was a table full of sweets and edible construction materials. And, Miriam + Mum had made 20 beautiful gingerbread houses all ready for guests to arrive and start decorating. The houses were beautifully made too - with boiled sweet windows, little doorways for candles, and plenty of open space on which you could stick your concrete icing glue and kit kats.

Somebody made a chocolate "gingerbread house". With Snow. 

Somebody else (me) made a spring cottage with Hansel and Gretel Candy Canes outside. Do you see Miriam's Tudor house with thatched roof in the background? How grand!

See how pretty it all looks when the fireplace is burning brightly inside the cottage? It's no surprise that Hansel and Gretel couldn't resist a little nibble. I can completely identify. In fact, many of my wafer roof tiles needed to be double-taste-checked for just-in-case emergencies. You never know.

There were some very clever little houses indeed. 

And, I got to take my little Fairy Tale Cottage home with me. The whole house (the big one we live in) smells deliciously like December with nutmeg and ginger dancing around the rooms. Mm. 

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