Wedding Venue Possibilities

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

We might have stumbled upon the perfect wedding venue.

Of course, to actually have the perfect wedding venue, we have to readjust our budget, realign our entire idea of the perfect wedding, and just throw all traditional wedding phooey out the window.


It's called Fynbos Estate, and it's in Malmesbury. But if you love us, if you reaaaaally love us, you'll drive that far.

Here is some eye-candy for you:

It's a beautiful wine farm estate at the end of a windy, dusty road.

... nestled underneath a mountain.

The view is rather pretty: there's a blue swimming pool, some pretty green mountains over yonder, and the whole thing is in a valley, so the grape vines and mountains and greenery unfolds from underneath this hidden retreat. In the picture above, the luncheon will take place inside the tent-y thing; the sides will be rolled up.

Next to the tent is the main house - we can use this for getting ready, setting up, or whatever else we feel like using it for. We're going to have a lunch-time wedding; if you have an evening wedding, you have the option to stay over for the night at an additional accommodation charge per person.

There's a lovely garden in front of the house, and this little nook (above) is where the actual ceremony takes place (if you don't prefer to have it in the chapel, which we don't). Apparently they are able to fit 100 people in there.

You will have to use your imaginative powers here and visualise white-covered banqueting tables, fully raised tent sides, pillars wrapped in flowers, fairy lights and white linen, etc.

This is the slightly raised area directly to the right of where I took the previous photograph (imagine me swivelling in place to capture this). This is where the wedding party is, and the buffet. I like that: we'll eat first, presumably. The only downside is that this is also where the toilet is. Perhaps we will rearrange it all.

You can see here for more ideas on how they do the venue 'up' for weddings and whatnots.

... and so?

Ah, and before I forget, it looks like we might be having a Tea Party Wedding after all. Huzzah!

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