High Tea Delights

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dearest Operation Chamomile! Ah. Before leaving, we had to schedule one last visit to High Tea, the delightful tea shop in Constantia, Cape Town.

They have a new bicycle, used for nearby deliveries of emergency chocolate cakes and coffee.

The location is still as beautiful as ever. This is rather a beautiful picture in the original, I am half tempted to re-upload the original version just so that you, oh Londoners, can feast your eyes and day-dream about sunny South Africa instead of the reality of ice-cold winds, grey clouds and sneezing tube-goers who are affronting our senses as of late.

Glennnnnn and Rebecca, looking lovely as ever. I really enjoy that they have matching sunglasses in different colours :)

... and beautiful Bekah, enjoying the morning sun.

This is the Savoury Muffin that we travelled a million miles for: spinach, tomatoes and cheese served with tomato-chilli jam, butter and cheese. Yum.

I rather liked that one of the garden workers lovingly folded up his clothes and stored them neatly on top of the statue's head. It half makes you feel insanely guilty that your clothes are lying on the floor (as indeed they are, where I haven't bothered to unpack them properly from my bags that we emptied in a rush to clear space) and half makes you smirk at the snub to (or oblivion of?) the classes that insist of decorative stone sculptures in their gardens for purely aesthetic purposes when the raw materials may have been used for something far more functional elsewhere.

Edit to add: I re-uploaded the original High Tea image :)

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