Departmental Good-Byes

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And so the saddest part of leaving home finally came: saying goodbye to my dearest friends. My first goodbye began with Isa and Shihaam. I already miss you both, and I know you'll appreciate that I'm going to reproduce just two photographs here (the others I'll email to you soonest, promise).

Here's Isa, looking lovely as she poses for her "academic" pose. Calm, cool and collected.

... and here's Isa, doing the "bedroom eyes" as inspired by the other various departmental photographs that are currently being uploaded to the English Department Website! This was hilarious and we ended up rolling around in hysterical fits of laughter. I think we were all very relieved that it was lunch-time at the doors were very firmly bolted shut.

Here's the view from Isa's window, overlooking the Maths building on UCT campus. It looks rather lovely, doesn't it? Although that's just a teeny tiny bit of the never-ending stair-case that stretches from Jameson Hall to Athlone, just about.

Here's Shihaam looking happy and radiant after a whole year of missing me (I hope!). I was very envious of her dress which was a sort of rust-and-gold peacock design on brown fabric; awfully becoming.

More bedroom eyes! I wish oh wish that these could be uploaded to the departmental website instead of the traditional boring ones that we typically have to submit! I love this pose, Shihaam!

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