Wednesday WIP: More Miss Maggies

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Miss Maggie is about to get a new friend. I've traced and cut an entirely new set of cobblestone Maggie pieces, and they're piled up under the window, waiting to be stitched on a quiet night. We don't have very many Quiet Nights these days, but perhaps one will come along soon.

The original Miss Maggie's satchel is very nearly complete. I need to heat-set the flap so that it goes down, but otherwise it's looking Very Lovely Indeed. 

I've gathered all my bits of woolfelt. There's just enough of each colour to make a new Miss Maggie in grey, blue sage or haybale brown, or to cobble a pair of boots in every colour. I rather like the olive-coloured felt - it would make a grand Robin Hood-esque hat.

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