Spring Days and Bake Sales

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring has sprung, as it does. It just suddenly happens upon you.

Although, it helps to have a brass band help announce the moment.

As ever, the East End WI are ready to welcome in the excellent weather with cakes and treats. 

I made my first-ever meringues. I don't like meringues. Not one bit. But, I do like they way they look. They're amazing cloud mountains. They were taste-tested by the Mister, and won his seal of approval.

I also made chocolate chip cupcakes with buttercream and fudge topping. (They received my seal of yumness approval.)

Karen made an incredible coffee cake which sold out almost before it arrived.

Colleen made amazing cupcakes with flakes and jellybeans and springtime goodness.

And we even welcomed a new team member. All in all, a jolly sunny day. Hello, Spring.

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