Gratitude Journal, Day Twenty

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The clocks went back today.

It's not an awful lot of extra time, but at the end of a long day where nothing goes to plan, an extra hour to just sit and enjoy is rather lovely. Of course, I used my extra hour for knitting. Doesn't everyone?

My positive thought is a calming and silent thanks for the extra hour of grounding, quietness and calm.

It's 9pm now but feels much later. There has been a lot of wind billowing about today - apparently we're getting a tiny bit of a hurricane that is passing by in the next few days. Trees are blowing over, shoppers are battling with trollies, the gates outside are making quite a noise. I'm grateful that our little home is in a secluded spot out of the wind, and I've got tomorrow (mostly) off work to catch up with everything.

Oh look at that, two positive thoughts today!

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