The Esme Top: A perfectly puffed cuff

Monday, September 16, 2013

A quiet weekend: an opportunity to bake cakes and to finish off small tasks.

Buttons sewn on the Esme Top.

Cuffs puffed. 

Knitting put aside until large plastic safety eyes arrived. Yes, you were right: I'm knitting a giant squid. It's a small one (about 40cm tall from mantle to grasping tentacles ala Hansi Singh's fantastic book) but I already have aspirations to knit a giant giant squid to love forever use up all my stash yarn.

In other news:

My beautiful, brand new Janome 9200d overlocker. It is amazing. Love. It makes me smile from ear to ear every time I admire it from afar. Which happens a lot.

I also rather like that the rest of my office has been taken over by sewing stuff and piles of fabric. As it should, perhaps. This is a stash I bought while in South Africa - printed canvas on the left (pirates and vintage ephemera), quilting cottons on the right (dandelions, shwe shwe and floral sprays). Such a world of possibility. 

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