Foxy Business

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You know how sometimes everything is kinda themed? I noticed that my desk is full of foxes. This is a little "thank you" card I got out this morning. Looking foxy.

And inside that little greeny blue paper bag?

A Fantastic Mrs Fox that I bought as a gift while at The Fringe Arts in Cape Town. It's a small but wonderful little shop on Kloof Street dedicated to supporting local South African artists, and it is packed full of ideas and magic. And origami foxes.

I really, really like this brooch. I bought it as a gift for someone. The designer is PAPER TALES, and has some really fab prints and designs. I love how they play with paper and wood, mixing the concepts and textures. 

And THIS is my favourite fox of all. Made specially for me by the fabulous Julie of Kip & Fig from her Fox Applique Pattern for my birthday a few months ago. Isn't he amazing? I love the contrast of the red-brown fur against the deep linen weave. And those eyes.

Such attention to detail! It makes me smile. That's why he lives next to my computer, watching over my keyboard as I type.

Also, because he reminds me of a story. 

There is a fox who lives on our local golf course and who wanders out to meet the players from time to time. We call him Crazy Eyes - he has the most amazingly luminous yellow eyes which you see quite clearly as he sits next to your golf bag and watches you tee off. He grins at you with his little foxy face, judging your golf swing and evaluating your shot. Not that I play golf,  you see. It just so happens that the golf course runs through my favourite parklands where we often go walking. And of course, as I'm married to a golfer, I've been convinced to "walk" the golf course which is kind of like caddying, except you're just there for company and the player can carry his own bag thank you very much.

You have to treasure the moments.

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