Long flights and Thank Yous

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm back! Thank you for all of your wonderful messages, thoughtful comments and encouraging emails. I appreciate every single good wish and positive thought. There hasn't been much change in my little cousin's condition, but we are ever-hopeful, and we are all being strong.

It's funny how there really is no place like home. After flying for 12 hours straight, it feels as if you might have visited another world, or at the very least, another time zone. But No: we are only one hour ahead of South Africa here in the UK, and it's all very much the same world I left behind the last time I was there.

I spent nearly all of my time with family, in the hospital, and doing a few hours of work a day. But even then, there were moments of beauty and loveliness that you can't help but appreciate - even when you're feeling a bit low.

I think that sometimes you need a big awful family emergency to really make you stop and think about your priorities.

And it's funny how those priorities are just a little different from what you thought they were. Funny, in a good way. Because, now you know.

Aren't all these colours grand? I snapped away happily as we passed pots upon pots of beautiful flowers. There's something very therapeutic and reassuring about growing: newness, generation and regeneration, growth, healing, colour, awakening.

Even when assembled in a vase, they remind you of the shortness of things, the newness of things, and the sweetness of things.

I have missed my little blog, it's good to be back.

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