Wednesday WIP: Onion Cardi

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

There seems to be an awful lot of knitting going on here. It must be because it's still snowing out (it's March, and there's SNOW) and I like to think of knitting as my "winter sport". Because really, we all need to keep active, don't we?

This is my latest WIP - James C. Brett's creatively-named JB153. It's a chunky-weight cardi that is designed to layer up in the cold. Do you remember the line in Shrek when he's trying to explain to Donkey that Ogres have layers? Like Onions? Whenever I hear the word "layers," that runs through my mind. Onions have layers.

That's why this is the Onion Cardi.

This seems to be almost the same colour as my last knitting project. I must be going through a phase. Each part of this pattern is knitted separately - the back, the fronts, the neckband, the front bands, and the back band. The pockets are knitted as-you-go which is nice (I haven't seen that before!) but still need to be sewn in to secure them in place. There is a LOT of sewing.

It has been a rather quick knit. I'm knitting in the third size which should be around aged 4 - 5. It's for the very same little girl who should be receiving the Summer Pelisse any day now. I was so concerned about the Pelisse being too small, I decided to knit up a "back up plan" just in case. 

It's the kind of pattern you'd make again, but I think I am going to engineer it a bit to knit all-in-one as far as possible. The front and back pieces could easily be joined as you're knitting!

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